Water Features

Water features are wonderful addition to any size yard. They are environmentally friendly and can be completely customized to install anywhere. Much like the element of fire, water is mesmerizing, relaxing and adds a unique focal point to a space. Southern Outdoor Living landscaping company can help you in creating a water feature that fits your style and budget. We offer a variety of choices that range from one-step install Sugar Kettles to completely customized ponds and waterfalls.

Some standard features include:

  • mechanical and biological filtration
  • pump and plumbing
  • 45 mil EPDM liner and underlayment
  • rock work
  • underwater lighting
  • a berm
  • waterfalls
  • an automatic fill valve

Location and size are the two most important decisions you'll make about your water feature. As a general rule, a 180 square-foot or 11' x 16' pond is a good "standard" size water feature. To get a general idea of size, trace your prospective pond out on the ground with a garden hose. Our 3D design services can also help you visualize what the finished size and overall look will be.

Something Unique: Atlantic’s Colorfall Lighted Falls. A small product with huge visual impact. A perfect fit for formal retaining walls and pond-free applications, Colorfalls adds a breathtaking new dimension to a water feature - waterfalls with shimmering details in white, red or blue hues. If you don’t have room for a large water feature or don’t want the maintenance of a pond, a Colorfall is an excellent solution. You’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your water feature day or night with minimal care and space.

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