Shrub Pruning and More


Shrub Pruning and More

In addition to our basic mowing services, your maintenance package can include the following enhanced landscape maintenance services:

  • Shrub pruning - Our experienced crews know when and how to proper care for your trees and shrubs. We do a thorough spring and fall pruning with little touch ups throughout the year as well as a winter pruning for the ornamental grasses, crape myrtles and roses. Customers with large gardens can opt to have their pruning done more often.
  • Leaf removal - Throughout the fall season, we will clear your lawn leaves. Depending on where you live, you can choose to have your leaves blown to the street for city pick up, blown into a natural area, or bagged and hauled away.
  • Weed control in bedded areas - Each week the crew mows, they will also spray your bedded areas for weeds. Unfortunately, weed control is not a spray-once-and-you're-done process. Weeds need to be sprayed throughout the grow season in order to maintain tidy beds.
  • Irrigation shut off and turn on - Southern Outdoor Living schedule your irrigation system to be winterized in November and turned on in late March. (We adjust the timing off the shut off and turn on according to the weather pattern).
  • Lighting Maintenance - Have an outdoor lighting ¬†system? We can maintain it even if we didn't install it. We start with a thorough inspection of the system and ensure everything is working properly, then we continue to check the system every six months and replace bulbs as needed throughout the year.
  • Turf ¬†and Shrub Fertilization - We have separate tabs dedicated to this process. Click to the left to read more.

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