Outdoor Fireplaces


Outdoor Fireplaces

Cooler weather only means one thing…FIRE. Get the smores sticks and gather up your kids to enjoy the elements this fall and winter with a fireplace or firepit...or both! One of the biggest considerations during the initial design phases of an outdoor living space that incorporates a fire feature is what type of material to use. What is it going to look like? Aged and rustic, or sharp and modern? Natural Stone, brick, and concrete are a few materials that could be used. Style is the main determining factor with materials as each of these materials is waterproof and heat-resistant, so the one chosen will largely depend on the look a customer is aiming for.

Fireplaces can also contain a multitude of features. Depending on the individuals needs and tastes, options include wood burning capability, charcoal or gas in order to make them suitable for cooking as well. Log lighters are an excellent upgrade requiring little cost and a lot of bang. Think about the last time you made a fire. How long did it take you to get started? Were the kids ready to go inside just about the time it started roaring? A log lighter allows you to start full size logs immediately and then cut off gas once the fire has caught. Great upgrade! Size and shape can vary greatly in width, depth, and height.

There’s a lot to be said for a custom-designed work of art that is in essence a permanent structure. A custom fire feature can be tailored to match the landscape and décor of the home where it is placed. It’s also more durable since it is built from high-quality materials. Having an outdoor fireplace can create a focal point for the client and could even increase one’s property values in and around Greensboro, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, etc. in Guilford County.

Southern Outdoor Living brings over 20 years of experience designing dream gardens in The Piedmont Triad area. We have the ability to design and create custom outdoor fire pits and fireplaces that will have your neighbors asking themselves or all the time. Attention grabbing and functional fire features can reflect the customer’s unique personality and give years of enjoyment. Contact us today for more information.


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