Drainage Systems


Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems are crucial from preventing costly water issues. Southern Outdoor Living can help you redirect water in a stylish and practical manner. The first step you should take when planning a drainage system is to identify low spots in the landscape. If obvious low spots exist on the property, the water must have a way to exit those areas. If you don't install a drainage system, a puddle probably will develop whenever it rains and could backup causing more serious problems, such as erosion, flooding or redirecting in undesired areas. Below are a few types of drainage options. We use 100% recycled drainage products every opportunity we can.

French Drain

  • Gutters: Collect runoff from a building's roof. This runoff is conveyed through downspouts to the roof drain system. Gutters should be kept clear of leaves and other debris so clogging does not occur in the roof drain system. We offer Gutter Cleaning service on one story homes.
  • Catch basins: Connect to storm drainpipes or to a line of corrugated pipes on residential properties and release the unwanted water to a desired area. Catch basins are plastic structures (either round or rectangular) with plastic grates on top. The grates capture debris that could clog the pipes and are able to be cleaned up, unlike French drains. You can prevent the system from clogging by checking the catch basins during or after a heavy storm. A simple screw driver is all that is needed to remove grate.
  • Channel drains: Capture storm water flowing over a larger area like a driveway. Trench drains convey heavy rainwater to a storm drain system if possible.
  • French drains: A small trench, dug to a gradient that will allow surface water to drain away from a building or area that is prone to surface water build up or flooding. They can be installed anywhere on your property that collects water. They are constructed of perforated pipe, filter fabric (sock) that surrounds the pipe, and gravel, similar to foundation drain systems.

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