Revitalize Your Lawn: Aeration, Seeding, and Fertilizing

Over time, grass can begin to look faded, patchy, and worn down. Like the rest of your landscape, your lawn requires a little love to stay looking its best. One of the most effective steps in making your lawn look incredible year after year is aerating in the fall. So, what is aerating, and how does it work?


Aeration is a process done by simply poking holes or 'plugging' a yard to allow oxygen, water, and other nutrients to reach the grass' roots. Aeration only refers to exposing something to air or causing air to circulate through a solution. By poking holes in the lawn, it gives the air and water direct access to the grass' root systems.

For best results, aerate during your lawn's growing season. Most grass in North Carolina is a Fescue blend, which is a cool-season grass. Cool-season grasses thrive during early spring and mid-autumn. We recommend aerating in the fall for three reasons:

  1. The temperatures are more consistent in the fall.
  2. The new grass will thrive and then enter a dormant season, allowing for good root growth.
  3. Fall tends to have more consistent rain without the chance of overnight frosts.


Next step – Seeding. Seeding very simply is spreading grass seed over the existing grass. Seeding should be done after the lawn is aerated so that the seeds can get deep into the soil and establish their root system.


Final step – Fertilization, the essential key to a successful aeration. Fertilizer jump-starts the germination process. It also helps to keep the lawn healthy and performing its best. Fertilizer contains essential nutrients that most lawns don't get from soil alone.

Water, Water, Water

Finally, make sure you water regularly. Regular watering is crucial to ensure the success of aeration, seeding, and fertilizing.

At Southern Outdoor Living, we use only the best grass seed and fertilizer for our properties. We understand that not all lawns are the same, so we tailor our approach to your lawn's specific needs. If you want a lush, vibrant lawn, consider our professional aeration, seeding, and fertilizing services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help revitalize your outdoor space.

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