Maximizing Your Lawn's Health: Aeration Tips from Southern Outdoor Living

Before Aeration Service

Proper Watering

To ensure the best possible results from your aeration service, give your lawn a deep soaking prior to our visit. This helps the aerator pull up good plugs, essential for effective aeration. A simple test: if you can insert a screwdriver into the soil without much effort, your lawn is ready.

Marking Important Features

It's crucial to mark all irrigation heads, valve boxes, underground pet fences, or any shallow wires/cables with flags to avoid damage during the aeration process. While Southern Outdoor Living can provide marking services for a nominal fee, we cannot be held responsible for unmarked items.


For optimal seed-soil contact, mow your lawn lower than usual about a week or a day before the scheduled service.

Weeds & Crabgrass

Weeds and crabgrass can hinder seed growth by blocking deep soil penetration. We recommend removing these obstacles beforehand. For extensive issues, contact our recommended partner, Growing Green, for a cleanup application. Please inform our office if such an application is necessary, as it will require postponing your aeration service.

After Service Care


Maintaining a moist seed bed is crucial, especially in the initial stages. Daily watering, potentially twice during dry spells, is recommended until germination, which can take up to three weeks for fescue. Afterwards, switch to less frequent but deeper watering sessions.


Wait at least one week before mowing your newly aerated lawn to avoid damaging young, shallowly rooted grass.

Special Notes

  • In the event of seed washout due to unexpected heavy rain, Southern Outdoor Living offers a re-service at cost.
  • We provide wheat straw for bare lawn areas at an additional cost for non-contract customers, which includes labor and materials.

Key to Success: Watering

Diligent watering is the most critical factor for successful seed germination. Keep the seed bed moist, and you'll see your efforts rewarded with a lush, healthy lawn.

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