Annuals vs Perennials: Perfecting Your Greensboro Garden

Deciding between annuals and perennials is a common dilemma for homeowners in Greensboro, NC. Southern Outdoor Living explores the differences, pros, and cons of each to help you make the best choice for your landscape.

Understanding Annuals and Perennials

  • Annuals: Complete their life cycle in one year, requiring replanting each season. They are known for their vibrant colors and continuous blooming throughout their life cycle.
  • Perennials: Return year after year, blooming for a shorter period but offering long-term value to your garden.

Pros and Cons of Annuals


  • Excellent bloomers with a wide range of colors.
  • Ideal for keeping flowerbeds vibrant all season long.
  • Generally more affordable than perennials.


  • Sensitive to weather conditions.
  • Require more water and nutrients.
  • Need to be replanted every year.

Pros and Cons of Perennials


  • Low maintenance and long-term investment.
  • Return year after year without the need for replanting.
  • Offer a variety of bloom times for a season-long display.


  • May require occasional pruning and trimming.
  • Shorter bloom periods compared to annuals.
  • May need replanting every few years to refresh the garden.

Biennials: The Middle Ground

Biennials, like poppies and foxgloves, have a two-season life cycle, offering a unique blend of characteristics from both annuals and perennials.

Making the Right Choice for Your Garden

A mix of annuals and perennials is often the best approach for a vibrant and diverse garden. Southern Exposure Landscape Management can help design a plan that suits your landscape and goals, ensuring a beautiful display from early spring to late fall.

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